Blood rites - reconnecting with the innate feminine

An interpretive phenomenological analysis


  • Mirela-Lucia Sauca



ritual, blood, menstruation, relationship, the Feminine


This study explored women’s experiences of menarche and menstruation as they developed a deeper understanding and relationship with their bodies through ritualised menstrual practices of communing with Earth over three consecutive menstrual cycles. The qualitative methodology of interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA) was used, and data was collected using in-depth semi-structured interviews with three participants. The interview transcripts were analysed adopting a strategy of line-by-line analysis and specialised software was used to identify emergent themes and patterns. Four superordinate themes emerged: negative beliefs, relationship with menstrual cycle, transpersonal correlations of menstrual cycle, and connection with the Feminine. The findings showed that through ritual practices of collecting blood and giving it to the soil, all three women were able to transform previously negative attitudes and redefine their relationship with their menstrual cycle, blood, bodies and minds. They became more aware of their bodies’ cyclical and relational nature, making transpersonal associations and connections with the Feminine thereby demonstrating the power of healing through rituals.




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Sauca, M.-L. (2022). Blood rites - reconnecting with the innate feminine: An interpretive phenomenological analysis. Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, 3, 128–143.